my favorite blog.

i guess it's like masturbation, but i've been looking thru some of my old posts, which are not numerous, but the quality seems sufficient. maybe i like the music better than the pics. the music are my selections, the pictures are mostly mine.

i wanted to be a musician, too bad, but i can take a decent pic.

well, i am also a particularly fond of phila's blog.

sometimes i compare my pics to his selections. i usually don't make the grade. but, sometimes i think i'm in the game.



listening to pearl jam, obviously.

My fuck'n Knee!

torn meniscus. that sucks. arthroscopic surgery recommended. that sucks too.

kids, do your self a favor, don't get old. it's expensive.

average life expectancy.

i could deal with living to 80, but really, i was done when i was 24.


Alex SuperTramp

pictures for real, soon. most people don't really follow this blog.

shout out to Tom who first turned me onto the story of Christopher McCandless.

if you hate movies, as i do, just make sure you see Into the Wild...

and surely you've seen Apocalypse Now...

click on Tom.

true story, i met Hal Hobrook when i was about six. i'm guessing he was 40ish. very dashing, dark, tall, handsome man. then he met the hard sun. in the big hard world...

he was a nice guy. you can tell when you're 6.


You can't say that....

wtf, it means nothing. certainly not a pejorative.

just watch that son of bitch. he's beyond belief

you have jesus or allah, i have jimi.