Garden Tools

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old saw.


American Driveway

did i already use that title? then this is American driveway #2


Remember when we were young and beautiful?

Central Florida 2009

you can't see the guy driving the truck, but i did. he was 19 to 25, pretty sure he didn't vote for obama. "the Sheriff is a near."

son, you're on your own.


This one is for Tom

i was taught in school never to take pictures of sunsets or beer. the one was cliche, the other mundane.not bad advice, but...


My Suburban Nitemare

every fuckn' day.

Steve in the grass

i can always tell when steve has found a snake. he moves his head from side to side.

steve loves catching snakes.



i have to say i was a kid looking at all the hot cars in the 60's and i don't remember the beaumont. the chevelle was my favorite, apparently this car was a cross between a chevelle and a lemans.


American Driveway

with a red car. must be a commie.


More Squirt Guns

they're colorful and make great cat pistols.

that is if you have a cat problem, or a problem cat.


50th birthday

or chinese food. just an experiment. hope it works.

first effort with the 5D. i'm not saying it's brilliant, or even very good. but i feel like i've crossed a barrier. the music is so cool. IAMX.

the worm footage, which may be the coolest footage went a little squirrely on me but you probably can't even tell in this reduced clip.

hey, it's not vincent laforet, i'm just glad it worked.


Braying Jackass

and a damned fine beer opener.


Why did the chicken cross the road?

Who knows? Sooner or later, we all have to cross the road.


Magic Bus

or yellow and red. 20 years and they put you on the day shift.


The traffic lights turn blue tomorrow...

or homage to michael jackson. jimi and bob changed music, not elvis and michael.

and despite his prodigious guitar skill, no one should forget jimi's skill as a lyricist.

which is not to say elvis and michael are not due regards, jest say'n.

and guess who's still alive... and kicking?


There is no atonement

for sin without the shedding of blood. or, the bougainvillea project.



Green Stuff

or, back of the neighgorhood.


Southern Pine

actually, i think it's an Australian pine.