Black and White in RGB

Happy New Year, maybe, we'll see. there's always "The Plan" to look forward to.



I'm sorry, you are really, really stupid.

Had I not chronicled those feelings of agitation in this very blog, I wouldn't believe them now. Today, they simply represent numbers. 3000 Americans dead over nearly four years? Really? That's the number of dead Iraqis in less than a month. The Americans had families? Too bad. So do we. So do the corpses in the streets and the ones waiting for identification in the morgue.

i remember the day "Shock and Awe" first started. i was on the phone with a really talented makeup artist that i used to test with. i said "holy shit "P" they are bombing the hell out of Iraq." she responded, "good, i hope they kill them all." really, really stupid. i haven't talked to her since, nor my brother, nor any stupid mutherfck'r that thought this lamebrained invasion was a good idea. it wasn't, it was really, really stupid, and we are all going to pay for it.

PS: joe lieberman, get fuck'n bent.


Swiss Miss on Cocoa Beach

get it? ok, that was stupid. i met this girl from switzerland one day while washing windows in orlando. she agreed to go to cocoa beach with me. shot a roll of color and a roll of black and white. the color looked great, but every image had a flaw, sand on the nose, band aid on her rib cage which i failed to see. i guess i could just get scans and photoshop the flaws out. as i recall the color shots were very hot, she was a very sexy girl. this was the only black and white that turned out.

Strange Stories

this is the most unbelievable fuck'n thing i've read on the internest. more so because i'm sure at least half of it's true.

for christmas i got Obama's book 'The Audacity of Hope'. it was noted that i didn't seem too excited. truth is i like Barack Obama, but i don't want to hear any more of this third way crap. it used to be i didn't like republicans because i don't abide their philosophy, but the older i get the more i'm finding they are just flat out criminals.

all i'm saying is the frog learned the hard way, you don't give the scorpion a ride across the river.

Washington Times articles are routinely cited by C-SPAN, for instance, without explanations to viewers that the newspaper is financed by an ultra-right religious cult leader, a convicted tax fraud and a publicly identified money-launderer. Most American listeners just think they’re getting straightforward news.


Steve is Pissed

it's 4:30 and there are no cookies in the bowl. dinner is at 6:30. sorry steve, there is no christmas in february, no matter how much you say there is. as mentioned earlier in the comments, steve is on a diet. hey bud, you had your thanksgiving day rat, so be thankful.

i know it's only tuesday, but this is my friday day cat offering. for all 7 of my regular visitors this will be my last post until Dec. 23 or so. peace, and merry, happy, what ever the fuck you do. hopefully, a bunch of guys/gals don't bleed out in the sand, but i have a feeling. special peace to them, and the ones that loved them.


monday was the big ceremony. my daughter graduated. yeah. a little more drama than i anticipated. boredom, i was counting on that, and indeed there was plenty of that, but i could have done with less drama. once in a lifetime, another brick in the wall.


Britney Spears' Pussy

sorry, just trying out the rude one's advice. i don't really think britney's pussy is likely to be able to save us now. it probably won't even increase traffic to my blog.

jesus christ people, this is the internet. there is much better pussy to look at than some ignorant paparazzi's crotch shot of a washed up pop diva.

seriously, i hope this doesn't seem too misogynistic (it's not my intent), but this society is really going down the crapper.


Blueprint of Nora

if that doesn't excite you, check out this link to an exhibition of Hunter Thompson's photography. i talked about that in an earlier post. none of the photo's shown here were from that exhibition, which he made in the early 90's i think. anyway, he really was a pretty good photographer, even damned good.


Weird Orange Thing in the Grass

i actually used to know what this was. now i've forgotten. it smells a little like poop. the flies, which i had to keep shooing away apparently agree. my goal when i got the stupid ass digital camera was to make a post a day, but i doubt i'll be able to keep up with that. as of yet i've been unable to find the "vision" thing.



steve enjoys thanksgiving in his own special way.


Bird House Catastrophe

i'm not sure about this. i may edit it later.



i was going to post the pictures of steve eating a rat for thanksgiving. but they really are kind of disgusting.


Sycamore Leaf #2

well, this sort of looked thanksgivingy, and it's thanksgiving. so.

not big on the whole "i support the troops" mantra, but i've been thinking about them today. there is an interesting must read at TomDispatch by Mark Danner. Iraq: The War of the Imagination. unless of course you're in it. unlike the jackasses who hornswoggled us into this mess.

the original rationale obscured in a darkening welter of shifting intelligence, ideological controversy, and conflicting claims, all of it hemmed in now on all sides by the mounting dead.


Blueprint for a Deer Head

or cyanotpye if you prefer. last night i did something different. instead of spending my evening on political blogs, i checked out the science end of the spectrum. first i went to afarensis, 'cause that's like old time monkeys, and monkeys are cool. but, even in science the stupids have need to prevail. which was how i ended up at Carl Zimmer's blog, The Loom. click prevail, you can get the details on the politics of the "stupids" there.

the really cool thing was his article at National Geographic. be sure to check the photo gallery, some pretty interesting images by Rosamond Purcell. Carl had chosen the lyre bird to illustrate his blog, but really, the squirrel monkey wins.

there is even a picture of bats, which remind me of flying monkeys.

Im a thief, Im a liar
There's my church, I sing in the choir:
(hallelujah hallelujah)...

Because, its evolution, baby! e.vedder


Two Maple Leaves

we don't really get fall colors down here in florida. then again, i guess we do. you just have to look a little closer.


Little Bubba

in training to be the baddest man in the whole damn town.


Day and Night

high noon.yes,i stole this from Eli,and i'm not giv'n it back. man, the clone tool is a great way to clean the porch.

more like dusk, definitely getting dark.


Native Morning Glory

i found these on the beach. captiva island. now they are all over the back yard. it's a good thing.


Dead Lizard

this is what happens if you vote Repbulican. don't vote Republican.



finds the only sliver of direct light that enters this house.


Meet the new Boss...

Rumsfeld: "It will be a different Congress, a different environment, moving toward a presidential election and a lot of partisanship, and it struck me that this would be a good thing for everybody," Rumsfeld told reporters.

Translation: "We thought it'd be best if I headed for the hills before that pack of jackals = democratic house, AND SENATE! had a chance to savage the corpse."

Bush: "The secretary of defense must be a man of vision who can see threats still over the horizon and prepare our nation to meet them. Bob Gates is the right man to meet both of these critical challenges," Bush said.

Tom Harkin under Bush I: "Questions and doubts about Mr. Gates' past activities, managerial style, judgment, lapses in memory and analytical abilities. Questions and doubts about his role in the Iran-Contra Affair and in providing military intelligence to Iraq during the Iran-Iraq war; and questions and doubts about whether he will be able to remove the ideological blinders reflected in his writings and speeches or whether Mr. Gates is so rooted in the past, that he will not be able to lead the Agency into the post-cold war era. Because of these concerns, I have concluded that Mr. Gates is not the right person for the important job of overseeing our intelligence operations in this New World."

(click the almost bold type)

definitely check out the last link. unfucknbelievable. they say he's not a cheneybot. maybe not, but sounds like he'll fit right in.

Important Update: This morning, Donald Rumsfeld's head bleeds mighty prettily, impaled on the gate outside the White House, glasses still attached even as the eyes roll horribly upward. And while we may strip down and create ancient-seeming pagan dances around it, we still have yet to understand just how far into the abyss his body has dragged us.



offered without comment.



or brown on black, or untitled, or sumth'n...


Nora Smoking

nora doesn't actually smoke.



pretends like he is going to go chase some lizards. that of course would require movement. not happening.


Three Leaves

some kind of maple. the leaves are small. half dollar sized, the tree is big.


We have met the Enemy

i have some great pics to post. i wasn't going to fuck with this political bullshit, but i'm so seething right now about the trumped up pony blow attack on John Kerry. these fuckers just don't care. decorated war hero, not good enough, victim of a pernicious disease, too f'n bad, 'cause we know no bounds. we will gut you while you bleed and scream.

well, i'm not going to go on about it all day. i'm not a writer, that is, it takes too much effort for my tiny brain. i think Billmon sums it up nicely.

If there is one, single, overriding reason why I despise Karl Rove and his masters, it's because of the way they expropriated 9/11 and the social solidarity it created and used them for the basest, sleaziest partisan ends. Likewise the invasion of Iraq -- back in the giddy days of "Mission Accomplished." There is no greater proof of the moral bankruptcy of the Republican machine and the Rovian style of politics.

ps: get bent McCain.


Morning Glory

i rarely reshoot anything because the first time is the best, it worked or it didn't. after that the magic is gone. but i did reshoot this, thinking the second larger leave should be the one in focus. it was a fine picture too, but in the end i went with the first version. magic counts.

Psycho Kitty

Color Corrected Psycho Kitty

i hate this f'n cat. this is the neighbors cat we call CG, stands for crazy girl. she has a brother named Sneaky, his real name. CG and Sneaky have made Tai's life a living hell. Steve has kicked both their asses about a 110 times, but they are crazy and keep coming back. they both have attacked and drawn blood, and i'm not talking about the cats.


Green and Red Vine

i don't know what kind of vine this is. luscious flowers though.




i don't think the democrats should start partying yet. Robert Parry agrees, so does Brent Budowski, he's actually kind of shrill. good for him. of course what the president was really saying was WE AREN'T LEAVING, ever.



i posted this pic the day after hunter shot him self in the head. i remember relating how the mutherfucker stole the idea in this picture which i graciously sent him a copy of because i was such an avid fan. but then i took the anecdote down. because i didn't know hunter, except by his writing. i do know after i sent this picture he had a show in colorado of a series of photographs which were strangely reminiscent, except they had ralph steadman inkblots all splattered about them. 'The Jokes Over'. good artists copy, great artists steal. i'm not making an accusation, just say'n.

freinds of mine debate with me whether hunter shot himself because of the election in 04. ralph intimates he always meant to do it. i know how i felt that following week, i was not surprised.

the guy in the mag in my pic is Elliot Abrams.

the other guy, and i was surprised about this, is Arthur Liman. i was hoping to see him in action again.

Life is not fair. Life sucks, then you die.


Apocalypse Now

i've mostly wanted this to be a blog about my pictures, which it will continue to be, assuming i can figure out a direction, and a way to accomplish my vision. which at present i lack. it's true, i'm a lot like bush. you wouldn't want me for president.

but it's probably clear from captions to previous posts that i'm politically aware, if not biased. although i'm not sure bias applies when when you are sick to your core, and just railing against the machine in anyway you can.

america, finally seemed to wake up a bit after katrina. at least katrina whopped her up side the head real good and made her take a good look at what the fuckwitted president was really like. a shallow, spoiled, man child, way out of his depth when real, and immediate crisis struck.

mostly that seems to be forgotten at this point, to tell the truth i rarely think of it. it's not just a disaster in iraq, we've a disaster in our own back yard, and yet this ill conceived war we we were lied into has subsumed everything. well, here's a little story about a photographer doing his job and not quite being able to cope. via DK reader at TPM

Katrina has become a post-apocalyptic American nightmare for those living in the disaster zone, or dying there, or neither living nor dying but stumbling through the carnage like zombies.
The personal toll on those covering the storm and its aftermath has been too little documented. The Times-Pic, whose main office was flooded in the storm, forcing its temporary evacuation, has faced challenges that no modern American newspaper has ever endured. A few weeks ago, one its photographers attempted suicide by cop. Fortunately for all involved, he was well-known and respected by the police, and they showed a level of restraint that was heroic, even as he tried to provoke them into killing him by using his car as a weapon.

heckuva a job, heckuva a job. check out guitar george, he knows all the chords...

link to the original article by Chris Rose.


Dith's Fish Part 2

Eli says i'm confusing dith with gordo. but i think this may well be a fish dith caught. it is at least a fish he posted at eschaton one day. look at the freak'n thing. this is an alligator gar. i've caught 4 or 5 foot gars before. pain in the ass more than anything, can't eat them. trash fish.

in case it is dith i blocked out the face to protect his anonymity. if you were to see it and wanted me to remove it i would dith. if john baldessari were to see it, well, i could use a job.


Steve Staring

intently at something, or vacantly into space. you decide, you're the decider

Nature Man Woman

this is a pretty old picture. i think i made it in color 1. not really sure what it means, if anything. i really liked that womans work in the art book in back, unfortunately i can't remember her name. i have a new digital camera, can shoot for free (well, nothing is free) just can't figure out what to shoot. so more cats, while i figure out the 10 bazillion functions on this contraption, that i don't need.


Dith's Fish

somewhere in this computer i have a picture of who i presume is dith, with biggest bloody gar i've ever seen. so, at least we know he can do something. i may post that too, if i can find it.

i may be spending too much time at eschaton.



these flowers are off of a 15 foot bush. a bush which i have cut down below ground, twice. i even poured bleach on it. can't kill it. which is fine, it really is pretty but the thorns hurt like hell.


Tai aka "you little idjit"

i almost forgot tai. she's actually very intelligent. steve's little sister, weighs 9 pounds vs. his 22. i call her the brains of the operation. black cats are very difficult to photograph, this is actually an old photo copied with the new digital camera, another thing i like about digital.

Black and White Digital Steve

one thing i do like about digital is the way it records movement. one thing. oh, and you don't have to buy film or deal with messy chemicals. hell the camera even has a setting for selenium toning. well, they call it purple.



I Taste GOP

they don't call me Bubba for nuth'n.

i don't know if the democrats can do it, they haven't earned it. how the fuck could you be proud of winning an election on the heels of a GOP sex scandal, by voters who Limited in sex, they dare
To push fake morals, insult and stare
While money doesn't talk, it swears
Obscenity, who really cares
Propaganda, all is phony.

i'm fuck'n disgusted, some of that's personal. but really, could anyone with a conscience say they are proud to be an american? not me, i'm sick to my core about what this country has become.

TORTURE, is not an American Value.