i have to say i was a kid looking at all the hot cars in the 60's and i don't remember the beaumont. the chevelle was my favorite, apparently this car was a cross between a chevelle and a lemans.


American Driveway

with a red car. must be a commie.


More Squirt Guns

they're colorful and make great cat pistols.

that is if you have a cat problem, or a problem cat.


50th birthday

or chinese food. just an experiment. hope it works.

first effort with the 5D. i'm not saying it's brilliant, or even very good. but i feel like i've crossed a barrier. the music is so cool. IAMX.

the worm footage, which may be the coolest footage went a little squirrely on me but you probably can't even tell in this reduced clip.

hey, it's not vincent laforet, i'm just glad it worked.


Braying Jackass

and a damned fine beer opener.