Somewhat Happier


oftentimes these guys get stuck between the window and the screen, and that can end badly too, sort of Scylla and the Charybdis...

but i'm glad this fellow knows a way out.


Almost Done

Inevitably, life sucks a little before you die.

Of course, I can't say what it's like after that.

Click the lizard to get the full effect.



I Saw a Deer

amy stein , has a remarkable series of photos.


I Got Nuth'n

So a picture of Steve will have to do. A new job, lots of training, little time. Not sure this job is going to last, but gotta try something. I want Steve's job. Which is not to be confused with Steve Jobs, altho, that could work too. Why Steve thinks this is a comfortable position to sleep in I'll never know.
He certainly does not like idiot photographers interfering with his job though.


Saw Palmetto

There is a reason it's called Saw Palmetto.

Sadly, I know too well.


Rotting Stump

adorned with the soft blue down of a great blue heron.


Black on White

Or white on black. Tai, has quite the white patch on her belly. She is very sensitive about it.


Yellow Vette



Dear Mr. President,

Oooh, scary guy. This must be bad for Democrats, good for Republicans. Troops, not so much good for them.

Ole prissy pants looked like he was going to melt down today. He didn't, but there were some moments. We want out jackass. Maybe if you knew what you were doing it'd be different, but you don't, so please just STFU.

To paraphrase our newly minted speaker of the house, "take a deep breath" fucknuts. Nancy has a lot of class, I don't.

Bite ME!


Red Car

i don't know why, but i really like this picture.



i've posted this image before, in fact it looks curiously like the one below. anyway, i found this cool new plug in called BleachByPass via this forum i've been hang'n out in. the forum is for canon digital owners, but what kind of camera you have would not preclude it's usefulness. so far they've helped me figure out why my RAW files looked purple (too many goddamned buttons on these newfangled cameras), and turned me onto this free plug in. a good deal at any price.

scroll down for the free version. of course there is a 25 dollar version with more control.

i'm not a big fan of photoshop tricks, but this is a legitimate film technique, one that would have cost many dollars and much testing to hone to perfection. by tomorrow i will have dorked with this image 10 more times and the one you see now may not be the one you see then.


Portrait of a Young Girl

it's Portrait Week over at Alec Soth's blog. well worth a check, interesting discussions, interesting series of posts. i'm not going to say much, i once thought i had what it took... but it takes a lot. a lot of balls, and maybe some luck to make it actually happen. i can't resist stealing his poem. well, it's not really his poem so it's not really stealing.

By Louise Gluck

A child draws the outline of a body.
She draws what she can, but it is white all through,
she cannot fill in what she knows is there.
Within the unsupported line, she knows
that life is missing; she has cut
one background from another. Like a child,
she turns to her mother.

And you draw the heart
against the emptiness she has created.

i actually like the Avedon portrait of Kerry. it's probably (definitely) not his best work, but it is immediately recognizable as Avedon, and probably the best description of why Kerrry lost. except maybe that joke i saw on Conan O'Brien's show.


Nude with Black Hood

somehow this always reminded me of Thomas Eakins, though i doubt i was conscious of it when i made it.


Guerilla Republic

i was reminded of this old t-shirt via FarrFeed. scroll down and he has a post called Crud from the Crypt. maybe that's where this shirt belongs, but i like it. i also have a two color version where the devil chick is red, but i prefer this one. next up, the wanker t-shirt. oh, and go see his site, a good writer. in the right hand corner is the fotofeed, excellent photos of New Mexico.



Perhaps the tulip know the fickleness

Of Fortune's smile, for on her stalk's green shaft

She bears a wine cup through the wilderness


Backyard America

drying out the flag.


American Palm

dude, time for a pruning.


The Tail Mohawk and Little Queenie

steve, does the afternoon groom thing, and sports his new Tail Mohawk.
then realizes, "Holy Fuck, what have they done to my tail!"
meanwhile, tai, aka as little queenie, languishes about in the afternoon light and contemplates "what a stupid bastard my brother is."


Water Reclamation Plant

down the road a piece. on the weekends it smells like shit. my theory is everyone is home filling up the commodes.


Upside Down Inside Out

i found this residing in the nether regions of my computer. a silly photoshop trick. but i got nuth'n, and i thought it looked pretty cool. no idea how i did it.


Skull of an Otter

with moveable parts.