Nude with Black Hood

somehow this always reminded me of Thomas Eakins, though i doubt i was conscious of it when i made it.


Guerilla Republic

i was reminded of this old t-shirt via FarrFeed. scroll down and he has a post called Crud from the Crypt. maybe that's where this shirt belongs, but i like it. i also have a two color version where the devil chick is red, but i prefer this one. next up, the wanker t-shirt. oh, and go see his site, a good writer. in the right hand corner is the fotofeed, excellent photos of New Mexico.



Perhaps the tulip know the fickleness

Of Fortune's smile, for on her stalk's green shaft

She bears a wine cup through the wilderness


Backyard America

drying out the flag.


American Palm

dude, time for a pruning.


The Tail Mohawk and Little Queenie

steve, does the afternoon groom thing, and sports his new Tail Mohawk.
then realizes, "Holy Fuck, what have they done to my tail!"
meanwhile, tai, aka as little queenie, languishes about in the afternoon light and contemplates "what a stupid bastard my brother is."