The Tail Mohawk and Little Queenie

steve, does the afternoon groom thing, and sports his new Tail Mohawk.
then realizes, "Holy Fuck, what have they done to my tail!"
meanwhile, tai, aka as little queenie, languishes about in the afternoon light and contemplates "what a stupid bastard my brother is."


Anonymous said...

Queenie gopt her Sphinx act in full effect.

Hmmmm, cutie.

Anonymous said...

cute babies.:)


Polly said...

Not what? Why did you do that to Steve's tail?
Was Steve captured by anti-cat activists?

Does he have leprosy of the tail, in which the tail hair falls out?

Does Steve have a type of male pattern baldnes?

Did his brother mutilate him out of sibling rivalry?

ThePoliticalCat said...

Um ... Charley? Whatthefuck happened to poor Steve's tail?

fartsinsleep said...

Very pretty purr balls!
And beautiful photographs!
Well done.

charley said...

steve is fine.

he gets in a lot of fights.

which constantly require trips to the vets to have his abcesses lanced.

it costs more to see the vet than the human dr.