i've posted this image before, in fact it looks curiously like the one below. anyway, i found this cool new plug in called BleachByPass via this forum i've been hang'n out in. the forum is for canon digital owners, but what kind of camera you have would not preclude it's usefulness. so far they've helped me figure out why my RAW files looked purple (too many goddamned buttons on these newfangled cameras), and turned me onto this free plug in. a good deal at any price.

scroll down for the free version. of course there is a 25 dollar version with more control.

i'm not a big fan of photoshop tricks, but this is a legitimate film technique, one that would have cost many dollars and much testing to hone to perfection. by tomorrow i will have dorked with this image 10 more times and the one you see now may not be the one you see then.

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