Central Florida 2009

you can't see the guy driving the truck, but i did. he was 19 to 25, pretty sure he didn't vote for obama. "the Sheriff is a near."

son, you're on your own.


charley said...

"son, you're on your own."

Deacon Blues said...

There's a new sheriff in town, boys. Get used to it.

charley said...

"oh baby, you are so talented, and they are so dumb."

nobel prize bitches.

Anonymous said...

saw a redneck truck in my town the other day! rebel flag sticker, other bumper sticker said something about piss off a liberal, buy a gun. he must be awfully lonely here.

charley said...

he'd have plenty of company here.

these guys are very reactive. not different then most americans. after 9/11 old glory was whipping off of ever car. but there were quite a few stars and bars too.

a gun is ok by me, i don't even mind the stars and bars, it's the reactivity that concerns me.

Tom said...

now son u keep this kinda talkin up n ur a gonna start up ole charley's HELTER SKELTER so's a don't be a talkin so poorly 'bout my rednecksonsofabithes boyz~dey can't hep it if'n dey was born white as robert e lee~long live the south! when dis here world breaks up n2 greedy land grabs after the environmental holocaust might haveta join sum kinda gang n the south might b a good un :)

charley said...

i'd have to research it but there is some evidence my daddy was related to robert e. lee.

tho i don't see how that could be.

he did go to washington and lee law school for a spell.