Piranhas are "basically like regular fish with large teeth." wikipedia


Tom said...

dat fish urs Charley?

charley said...

dat fish lived in the amazon, the land of kurtz.

now he's just a stuffed beast

"flesh colored christs that glow in the dark..."

"oh, mamma..."

Tom said...

We're only 9 meals from anarchy. I heard this one the other day and all I can figure is that The Monkeys must go really bonkers on the 4th day with No Food~~~that must be what happened after Katrina in NO. No more altruism when it gets that bad. Hey~~~couple this with the old 'what holds us together is believing that piece of paper is really worth 20 bucks' and you have a very thin veneer on which complex societies abide. We are livin' on thin ice Charley~~~even an old cynic like me never thought it this thin :)

Ali said...

basically like a regular fish with an underbite and large teeth. I'm going to go edit wiki now.

charley said...

hi ali

yeah tom.

here's a book for you. Vital Dust by Chistian Duval. i think he's a micro biologist.

anyway, somewhat theoretical but based on real science. he traces the origin of life and evolution.

it all begins when micro tubules develop mouth to anus polarity.

then come the teeth.