i don't think i ever understood dylan before this vid.

of course there is pre 75 dylan, but i don't even think dylan understood dylan then.

that's the best way to be.


Tom said...

oh there was susie and jesus 2 but sarah is a hottie and mama 2 his children~~~and by 1975 bood on the tracks :(

charley said...

i've heard the song, i know the story, but sumth'n about this vid. brought it all home.

and now i know what the "white face" was for.

oh mama,...

charley said...


it's like your Mike Tyson quote, "everyone has a plan before they get hit in the face."

charley said...


anyways i was saying something similar about sandi. not a glamorous nymph, but she's pretty hot for a 60 sumth'n ...

i am commenting on my own blog, this better work.