i watched this little bastard run all around the porch, thinking, great, one those bitch ass cats did not get this one. then he turned his belly to me...

cycle of life. whatever. it's just so fuck'n brutal

again, he was gasping for final breaths in the end. i crushed his head with a brick.

life sucks.


Tom said...

"That cow's still dead." Jake Grimm

Tom said...

I clicked on ur brutal link n wtf monkey torture iz worse than cats~or maybe the same :)

charley said...

yeah, well before jake there was tom.

who i remember once saying, "when you're dead, you're dead for a long time."

or maybe my fav., when the MSM was every 15 mins. going on about lucille ball having died you would cynically exclaim before they could get into the homilies "DEAD!"

which let's face it, is not such a bad deal compared to torture. if you could see those poor little lizards. life is cruel. then you die.

David said...

Hi Charley,
Today a block from home I noticed a large Liz (the Cuban invasion model which has displaced the US green "Chameleon") clinging desperately to my windshield wiper blade at 40 mph. I pulled over and attempted to get him to jump off. He instead jumped on my arm and up onto my back. Some more gentle sweeping and I think I got him off. Then on to work. Cool little guy at least 4 inches long. Life is so fragile. DJ