Crisp Clean Refreshing


Tom said...

Beth & Emmy visitin Sy in fla~~he has alzheimers~~~and I'm heades out 2 NM this month 2 visit Dave # family~~and Dave ain't drinkin no more~~one less bud truck. Hey Charley when oil hits the fla coast all shits gonna hit the fan dontchaknow~~~corporations fucked up housing, dropped jobs, screwed up people's investments~~and now took a shit in the gulf~~~if they were a dog they'd be shot in the head by now.

charley said...

as someone mentioned to me the other day, there is a photo project in there somewhere.

a lot of photogs made their bones on katrina.

i just blew up at sandi. the gig is up. i've no idea what to do next. the job pays the bills, but not being able to smoke weed makes it insufferable. amongst other things.

but i try not to worry. long ago i learned, life sucks, then you die.

oh lord, how long?

sorry about Sy.

Tom said...

As John Wooden told Bill Walton: "It's what you learn after you know it all that's important".