Rember to click on the pics,

very important.

i've probably made them too big.

if you want to use one for any reason, let me know.

all work is copyrighted when created.

which i know, gives me about squat in legal rights, but still, "a little sumth'n extra for the the effort..."


Jarv said...

Nice kitty!

tommy the thief said...

i sole them all n thar n me slideshow haha i tell everyone THEY'RE MINEEEEE hahaha

charley said...

good for you tommy that's what i would do if i was proud of my work.

good artists copy, great artists steal.

well, they're just pictures,

Anonymous said...

Picasso was the biggest thief.
Where the heck are the photos to click on?

charley said...

scroll down the page. there are years of archives too.


look, it's just a personal page to keep me taking pics. good or bad.

btw, that is why picasso became the greatest artist, well, you know, until andy came along.

Tom said...

hain't nuthin oooriginal exceptin de creator Charley but have u groped anythang good lately? i gotta admit de tsa iz a lookin much more fun since that pansey n san diego didn't want his junk touched. i firmly believe that any merican a wannin2fly outta take off his pants. hell that is what they do in vegas. hain't oooriginal either. andy treated merica like she be dead, you know, a lecter kinda thang. bob got in2her head and jim? backdoor man. all them just screwin with her purple mountain magesty. only injunz loved her. true dat.