Day and Night

high noon.yes,i stole this from Eli,and i'm not giv'n it back. man, the clone tool is a great way to clean the porch.

more like dusk, definitely getting dark.


charley said...

these pics look better than on my monitor.

while the pics of tai and the lizard look way light.

if anyone ends up seeing this, comments appreciated.

Doug said...

I like the pictures charley. Deep saturated colors. They are not too dark on any of my monitors. (KDS, Hitachi cm715, Acer LCD)

Eli said...

Heh heh heh...

I dig it!

Unfortunately, after I tweak my pics Just So in Photoshop, they never look quite the same out of Photoshop. I make allowances for colorspace issues, but I have no idea why my B&W photos are always significantly darker outside of Photoshop.

charley said...

, but I have no idea why my B&W photos are always significantly darker outside of Photoshop.

Eli, rule of thumb is increase brightness about 10 percent. actually it's in color. had just got done shooting that morning glory and saw those shadow patterns. reminded me of you.

thanx doug, i looked at some more blogs on that other monitor and realized it was set way too light. tho i think i have this one set kind of dark, 'cause yeah i like deep saturated color too.

charley said...

well, wanted to add the site meter thingy, which prompted me to add the layout function, which obviated all the subtle changes i had made to the previous template. then the comments wouldn't show. i see the timestamp is missing from this post, but not the others, the link list is messed up, but i'm done f'n with it for now.

i did get this pop up window thing happening.

mariamaria said...

I am also a fan of the clone tool when I want to resize the background and add filler to make it look real. Photoshop is one of the greatest artisitc innovations of the century.

Nice picture of the chair..that your yard or is it an add-on?

charley said...

it's my yard. basically a weed patch.

photoshop is incredible, requires a whole new set of skills, but the old ones hold true.

i don't think it's unfair to say digital has lowered the bar. if, you can afford the technology. but even in photo school the saying was, it's not how good you are, but how much you have to spend on it.

as an aspiring filmmaker i imagine you're about to find that out.