Meet the new Boss...

Rumsfeld: "It will be a different Congress, a different environment, moving toward a presidential election and a lot of partisanship, and it struck me that this would be a good thing for everybody," Rumsfeld told reporters.

Translation: "We thought it'd be best if I headed for the hills before that pack of jackals = democratic house, AND SENATE! had a chance to savage the corpse."

Bush: "The secretary of defense must be a man of vision who can see threats still over the horizon and prepare our nation to meet them. Bob Gates is the right man to meet both of these critical challenges," Bush said.

Tom Harkin under Bush I: "Questions and doubts about Mr. Gates' past activities, managerial style, judgment, lapses in memory and analytical abilities. Questions and doubts about his role in the Iran-Contra Affair and in providing military intelligence to Iraq during the Iran-Iraq war; and questions and doubts about whether he will be able to remove the ideological blinders reflected in his writings and speeches or whether Mr. Gates is so rooted in the past, that he will not be able to lead the Agency into the post-cold war era. Because of these concerns, I have concluded that Mr. Gates is not the right person for the important job of overseeing our intelligence operations in this New World."

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definitely check out the last link. unfucknbelievable. they say he's not a cheneybot. maybe not, but sounds like he'll fit right in.

Important Update: This morning, Donald Rumsfeld's head bleeds mighty prettily, impaled on the gate outside the White House, glasses still attached even as the eyes roll horribly upward. And while we may strip down and create ancient-seeming pagan dances around it, we still have yet to understand just how far into the abyss his body has dragged us.


mariamaria said...

HAHa!! So well-written.Kudos and applause.

charley said...

you're the writer. i can see that.