Steve is Pissed

it's 4:30 and there are no cookies in the bowl. dinner is at 6:30. sorry steve, there is no christmas in february, no matter how much you say there is. as mentioned earlier in the comments, steve is on a diet. hey bud, you had your thanksgiving day rat, so be thankful.

i know it's only tuesday, but this is my friday day cat offering. for all 7 of my regular visitors this will be my last post until Dec. 23 or so. peace, and merry, happy, what ever the fuck you do. hopefully, a bunch of guys/gals don't bleed out in the sand, but i have a feeling. special peace to them, and the ones that loved them.


ThePoliticalCat said...

jeebus, you gave him RAT for thanksgiving??? "I'll have a piece of tart with not so much rat in it." Or is he just A Mighty Hunter? Peace unto you all, and could you up that to EIGHT regular visitors? Thanks.

charley said...

he's a hunter. in the old days he had cajones. someone chose to deprive him of that glorious accomplishment, but i think that is when he learned to hunt. tai likes to kill and play, but when steve does it, it's serious buisness. he eats everthing he kills.