Strange Stories

this is the most unbelievable fuck'n thing i've read on the internest. more so because i'm sure at least half of it's true.

for christmas i got Obama's book 'The Audacity of Hope'. it was noted that i didn't seem too excited. truth is i like Barack Obama, but i don't want to hear any more of this third way crap. it used to be i didn't like republicans because i don't abide their philosophy, but the older i get the more i'm finding they are just flat out criminals.

all i'm saying is the frog learned the hard way, you don't give the scorpion a ride across the river.

Washington Times articles are routinely cited by C-SPAN, for instance, without explanations to viewers that the newspaper is financed by an ultra-right religious cult leader, a convicted tax fraud and a publicly identified money-launderer. Most American listeners just think they’re getting straightforward news.

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