Braying Jackass

and a damned fine beer opener.


Tom said...

as u say we are ALL DIRT...

charley said...

my favorite flavor.

charley said...

hey tom, i got two things when my daddy died. this, which is a cast iron replica of VPI's mascot.

and the ring, everyone wants the ring. but i don't wear it much.

i really wanted that ring.

Tom said...

most of what our dad's give us is deep inside of us...as u know...and my bro was always The Psychic Can Opener...lol...:)

charley said...

i think i got my insides from my mommy.

she was a drunk crazy loon. go figure.

but i wanted that fuck'n ring.

i guess he was the first "mcmahon" to graduate college. he wore that thing everyday of his life, he used to crack mike and pat on the back of the head with it. interesting fact, (maybe not true now) VPI rings were the largest college rings made. he never cracked me on the back of the head, which was a damned good thing for him.

but i have the ring now.

Tom said...

gollum had the ring
frodo had the ring
samwise had the ring

one of these fucking days
there will be no more fucking days

and all those rings of power...
will be thrown into the crack of doom.