50th birthday

or chinese food. just an experiment. hope it works.

first effort with the 5D. i'm not saying it's brilliant, or even very good. but i feel like i've crossed a barrier. the music is so cool. IAMX.

the worm footage, which may be the coolest footage went a little squirrely on me but you probably can't even tell in this reduced clip.

hey, it's not vincent laforet, i'm just glad it worked.


Ali said...

cool! Like the snails. And the reluctant driver. ;)

four legs good said...

I liked it!!


charley said...

hey, thanx guys.

it really is amateurish, but you've got to start somewhere.

it's a great camera fourlegs, but the vid editing requires a real learning curve.

mostly is just wanted to see if it would show up for others. looks like it worked.

Tom said...

i was wait n 4 caitlin 2 run over the snails...or a least THE WORM:)))

charley said...

the snails are representative of how long it's taking me to get thru this fuck'n life.

the worm speaks for itself.

i just wanted some chinese food. at least i got that.

Tom said...

america is chinese food, in a $$$ kid of way...kinda funny huh?