these flowers are off of a 15 foot bush. a bush which i have cut down below ground, twice. i even poured bleach on it. can't kill it. which is fine, it really is pretty but the thorns hurt like hell.


four legs good said...

I like me some bougianvilla, it's a very cheerful plant.

I'm glad you're enjoying your camera.

charley said...

it's a very cheerful plant.

just like me, i'm sure you would agree.

i do like the camera, it's cheap and easy. not the camera, but the shooting. this image could be better if i had a better grasp of photoshop. i don't know everything in the darkroom, but i know what i know, and i know how to make it happen.

in photoshop i know there are things i could do, but i'm never sure how to proceed.