i posted this pic the day after hunter shot him self in the head. i remember relating how the mutherfucker stole the idea in this picture which i graciously sent him a copy of because i was such an avid fan. but then i took the anecdote down. because i didn't know hunter, except by his writing. i do know after i sent this picture he had a show in colorado of a series of photographs which were strangely reminiscent, except they had ralph steadman inkblots all splattered about them. 'The Jokes Over'. good artists copy, great artists steal. i'm not making an accusation, just say'n.

freinds of mine debate with me whether hunter shot himself because of the election in 04. ralph intimates he always meant to do it. i know how i felt that following week, i was not surprised.

the guy in the mag in my pic is Elliot Abrams.

the other guy, and i was surprised about this, is Arthur Liman. i was hoping to see him in action again.

Life is not fair. Life sucks, then you die.


charley said...

and of course the guy swearing to tell the truth, the good, the bad, and the ugly is that lying bastard ollie north.

mariamaria said...

But while you are alive it is glorious to live!! Thanks for the link, that stinkbug is really cute!!