Dith's Fish Part 2

Eli says i'm confusing dith with gordo. but i think this may well be a fish dith caught. it is at least a fish he posted at eschaton one day. look at the freak'n thing. this is an alligator gar. i've caught 4 or 5 foot gars before. pain in the ass more than anything, can't eat them. trash fish.

in case it is dith i blocked out the face to protect his anonymity. if you were to see it and wanted me to remove it i would dith. if john baldessari were to see it, well, i could use a job.


mariamaria said...

jesus on a vespa, that is one big fish!

charley said...

jesus on a vespa

took me a minute to get it, but i am so stealing that.

Eli said...

You're right, that is a different pic - had not seen that one before.

I'm skeptical that it's really dith, though, even if he posted it.

charley said...

it might not be eli. you make a lot of assumptions when you read and comment on blogs. that's why so many fights break out.

i just wanted to post a picture of that fish.

like i say i've caught the regular version of that fish. you're out with the ultra light trying to land a 4 or 5 pound bass, you latch into a 4 or 5 foot gar and you think, that's the end of this pole. i can't imaginge latching into an alligator gar.

Woody Guthrie's Guitar (aka Konopelli) said...

man, dat's a beeeeg freekin fish...