Tai aka "you little idjit"

i almost forgot tai. she's actually very intelligent. steve's little sister, weighs 9 pounds vs. his 22. i call her the brains of the operation. black cats are very difficult to photograph, this is actually an old photo copied with the new digital camera, another thing i like about digital.


Anonymous said...

i love black cats.


Polly said...

You've got the new camera, so use it.

Tai deserves new pics, just like her bro.

Steve looks like a Russian Blue, how will he look with the purple tone? Selenium, was it?

How will a black cat look in purple?

charley said...

How will a black cat look in purple?

i don't know, but she looked cool as hell in blue.

not very in focus however. i shoot in pretty low light, and the onboard flash sux on this camera.

i'll get a good pic of her soon enough.

ThePoliticalCat said...

Awright, awright awreddy, here's yer hits!
Very cute catz.

charley said...

whoo hooo, i'm in the big leagues now.