I'm Sorry

sorry indeed. too little, too late, fat boy. (no offense to fat people, i'm a dumb, ugly bastard. i can't help it if denny got a triple whammy).

what did he know, and when did he know it? why am i think'n of sargent shultz? "I don't know nuthinK, NuthinK..."

good luck with that fat boy, keep on 'splainin until Novemeber.

i'll only add that if the american people vote for these sick bastards again, they get what they deserve. the rest of us will just be screwed. while the congressional page scandal may be exciting, and broadcasters get to utter words like "lurid" it's really the least of the damage these hypocrites have wrought...

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Eli said...

It may be the least of the damage, but it's the least ambiguous and easy to understand. The Republicans have managed to throw up a lot of smoke about legalities and who knew what when on things like Iraqi war intelligence, the Plame outing, warrantless wiretapping, torture, habeas corpus, etc., but *everyone* understands what Foley was up to, and everyone understands what Hastert et al were up to.