Steve Staring

intently at something, or vacantly into space. you decide, you're the decider


mariamaria said...

I think the gato is hungry.

ThePoliticalCat said...

You said:
5 cats is a lot of cats, i know. we are down to two, which is a respectable amount. but i miss the other guys.
To which I say:
How many did you start with? What happened to the others? Maybe I shouldn't ask. Love your pix by the way. Who needs a sense of direction, when you have a sense of beauty?

And you also said:

goodluck with the house, sounds like too much fun, not.

To which I say, Thanks, fella. The worst part of it was being unable to use the living, dining, closet, kitchen and bath-room parts of the house. Luckily we have another bathroom upstairs. But it looks like they'll be done this week and we can finally try to cook ourselves a tasty dinner!!!

charley said...

well, cats die, it's not always pretty, but that's the deal.

i sort of semi own a house with my estranged wife. we haven't had any real problems, but keeping up a house is a headache.

as for the vision thing, the difference between good photographers and great photographers is unity of vision. i of course was just making a reference to the president (his father really) who is one myopic, stupid, son of an idiot asshole.

unfortunately, i belive the son is possessed by a messianic vision.

"for every problem there is a solution, simple, neat, and wrong." h.l. menken