We have met the Enemy

i have some great pics to post. i wasn't going to fuck with this political bullshit, but i'm so seething right now about the trumped up pony blow attack on John Kerry. these fuckers just don't care. decorated war hero, not good enough, victim of a pernicious disease, too f'n bad, 'cause we know no bounds. we will gut you while you bleed and scream.

well, i'm not going to go on about it all day. i'm not a writer, that is, it takes too much effort for my tiny brain. i think Billmon sums it up nicely.

If there is one, single, overriding reason why I despise Karl Rove and his masters, it's because of the way they expropriated 9/11 and the social solidarity it created and used them for the basest, sleaziest partisan ends. Likewise the invasion of Iraq -- back in the giddy days of "Mission Accomplished." There is no greater proof of the moral bankruptcy of the Republican machine and the Rovian style of politics.

ps: get bent McCain.


Anonymous said...

u rite gud, bubba!
i'm in complete accord.

ps: post an alert when you put the fotos up...

charley said...

well, i have one up now. i tried to visit your site last nite. which is to say i could read all the posts, but it would not fully load, and the comments would not open. an experience i had with all the blogger sites, except eschaton. strange that.

maybe he gets extra juice?

not a conspiracy theory, just wondering.

mariamaria said...

Karl rove is like the dark eye of mordor.

Frederick said...

Yes, McCain, get bent!